More Holiday Party Info…

Posted in Uncategorized by SYZYGYNEWMUSIC on December 9, 2010

Greetings all!

Our fundraiser party is mere days away and we thought that it was about time we clued you in as to what’s going on. We’re hard at work putting final details together for the whole thing and hope that you’ll all be able to come out and celebrate the holiday season with us!

We’ll start with the music…

First up we’ll have a performance by percussion duo, NoiseBox. Comprised of percussionists, Sean Statser and Frank Tyl, NoiseBox is dedicated to broadening the scope of percussion music.  Sean and Frank are particularly interested in promoting music by young composers, and have recently recorded pieces by Missy Mazzoli, Jakub Ciupinski and Tristan Perich. Upcoming projects include a premiere of a new work by Jason Treuting of So Percussion at the PAS Weekend of Percussion in New York, a premiere of Jakub Ciupinski’s, Inkubator, at Syzygy’s upcoming electro-acoustic concert, as well as collaborations with Blind Ear Music and soprano, Amanda Gregory. For the fundraiser, NoiseBox will be performing Volume (Missy Mazzoli), Observations (Tristan Perich) as well as a preview of Jason Treuting’s new piece.

Next up will be a set by the Dillon Kondor Trio. Composer by day and blues guitarist by night, Dillon will be leading a band through rock and pop classics of the past few decades. Much as we all love our concert music, we all know that even the most hard-nosed Boulez/Ives/Reich/whatever devotee can’t resist a good Radiohead song or two… While Dillon may be making a name for himself in the new music world as a composer with a vivid voice and fresh perspective on concert music (see, he is equally at home with an electric guitar in his hands. Come hear for yourself on Saturday night. The set is sure to be a lot of fun.

Now for the food…

We’ll be posting more information over the coming days, but we can tell you now that we’ll have lots of delicious and seasonally-appropriate food available (think candy canes, holiday-inspired cakes and chocolate-y things….possibly some latkes…we’re still figuring it out). SOLAS has also given us fantastic deals on drinks for the whole evening (including, but not limited to, margaritas, mojitos, beer etc.)., so you’ll all be able to come and drink lots without spending much money at all.

And lastly a reminder of the details…

December 11th 2010
7:00 – 10:00 PM
SOLAS | 232 E. 9th Street
$15 Suggested Donation

We’re looking forward to seeing you all!



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