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Hey All,

Welcome to our crispy new blog.  We haven’t really decided if we should dedicate this thing to spreading the word about our artistic endevours, sharing links of cool arts-related stuff, or posting celebrity gossip upskirt photos.  Really, I think this is going to be a place where any of those things could happen, and where we can have a conversation with you and you can give us feedback and share your cool music with us.

Our next show is at the Nabi gallery April 23rd at 7p.m.  It’s going to be an exciting show, with all of your favorite Syzygy musicians and works by Jakub Ciupinski, Ricardo Romaneiro, Alexandra DuBois, Ronnie Reshef, Danielle Schwob, Adam Schoenberg and Scott Ordway.

At the moment, we are also planning a fundraiser event that is going to involve good drinks, and possibly some guest artists, so keep checking here for the announcement!

If you feel like being our hero, please help fund our next concert on our kickstarter page:

Syzygy New Music Collective at the Nabi Gallery Kickstarter Page

Seriously, every bit counts.  We currently have 65 days to meet our goal, and they will go by very fast!  If you want to be a superhero and donate $100 or more, not only will you get all the things we promise on our kickstarter page (cd, tickets, etc.), but Sarah will personally send you a cookie platter!  If you live in NYC, I can even make you 2 dozen cupcakes.  Like seriously, how can you not be drooling right now, hehe.

You can make life easier by just clicking on the righthand toolbar to receive email updates about this blog.  Also, feel free to leave comments and let us know about your blog!


Sarah Carrier



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